NFL: The State of Backup Quarterbacks

There is an old adage in the NFL: you’re only as good as your backup Quarterback. There are various iterations of this, such as, ‘the second most important player is the backup QB.’ Four case studies will help us determine the state of the second most important position in the NFL. Washington Redskins: The Starter…


NFL: NFC South Preview

The NFC South is one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL. The Saints are a top-tier team, the Falcons and Panthers are looking to return to the playoffs, and the Buccaneers are trying to turn the page on their franchise. I analyze each team’s 2018 campaign, their offseason moves and what to expect in 2019. Check out my preview of the NFC South:

NFL: Top 5 Quarterbacks in the 2019 Draft

The 2018 NFL Draft boasted one of the best groups of draft-eligiblee quarterbacks from the past couple years. The class ended up with five quarterbacks being taken in the first round. This year’s draft class is less impressive than last year’s. However, this class could still produce franchise quarterbacks in the next couple of years….

New York Giants: Is it time to draft a Quarterback?

Eli Manning has been the quarterback for the New York Giants since 2004. The 38-year-old two-time Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl MVP is past his prime and it’s unclear how much he has left. As of late, there hasn’t been any talk about Manning retiring. He still wants to continue playing, but regardless, it’s…